Legal Services
All our professionals have more than 12 years of legal experiences.
Tax Services
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist.
Financial and Accounting Services
Our prices are fixed for some standard services.

Our specialists provide a wide range of legal services, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, project financing and public private partnership (PPP), infrastructure and construction projects support, antimonopoly practice, restructuring and bankruptcy support. We also offer our clients advice on legal matters in different areas such as energy and natural resources, ecology, technical regulation and industrial safety, banking law and corporate finance, intellectual property, sports law, criminal law, real estate and construction, taxation, family, labor and customs law.
Mergers and acquisitions
We represent the interests of buyers and sellers at all stages of a transaction, from the preparation of a price offer and documentation for negotiations, ending with the execution and the procedure for closing the deal. We provide consulting services on all types of mergers and acquisitions, including public and private offers. Our experience in M&A, expertise and local knowledge enable us to provide efficient and high-quality legal services.
Joint ventures
We provide consulting services and legal support to foreign investors, national companies, corporations and entrepreneurs on structuring, development, and discussion of documentation for the establishment of joint ventures.
Incorporation of companies
We provide full legal support (from the initial stage to the stage of readiness to carry out activities) on the registration of joint ventures, subsidiaries, representative offices / branches, as well as the incorporation of new legal entities (commercial and non-commercial).
General corporate matters
Corporate law is one of the main fields of our company's activities. We offer our clients assistance both in complex projects and in any corporate issues that arise during everyday business.
Finance and Capital Markets
We represent the world's largest financial institutions and corporations, advising on all types of securities placements, including the issue of Eurobonds, initial public offering (IPO) of shares and private placement of securities.
Generally, we recommend our clients avoid any litigations, but still in some cases they get involved into legal proceedings. We understand the importance of speedy settlements of disputes with minimal damage to our client's business. Our position of quick reaction and efficiency is fundamental if we want to achieve the desired result. Through the joint efforts of our team, we can offer vast experience, innovative and practical solutions. We also have experience in the enforcement of international arbitration decisions in Kazakhstan.
Employment contracts and disputes
We have vast experience in the development and preparation of short-term and long-term forms of labor agreements, collective labor agreements, optimization of the staff, resolution of labor disputes (judicial and extrajudicial).
Intellectual property
We provide consulting services in relation to a set of legal issues related to intellectual property, including protection and development of all types of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, registered and unregistered marks, know-how, copying), development of IP contracts and their negotiations and registration with the relevant authorities.
International taxation
We provide a full range of consulting services in the field of international taxation, including taxation aspects of foreign investments made in Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani investments made abroad, organization of financing and repatriation of profits. We offer solutions tailored to the specific situation of our clients. We not only advise our clients on the tax implications of the transaction based on the legislation of the respective jurisdiction, but also take into account the industry specifics of a particular market so that our clients get a full understanding of the benefits and risks that may arise from the implementation of the transaction. We provide support both in Kazakhstan and in foreign jurisdictions (using an established network of partner companies in various jurisdictions) at all stages of business restructuring and structuring operations - from the initial planning stage to the final implementation stage. We also provide ongoing support after the completion of the restructuring.
Mergers and acquisitions
Full tax and legal support of mergers and acquisitions provided by our specialists can help properly prepare and implement a transaction structure that will mitigate or prevent unnecessary financial injections and unwanted tax consequences. We offer a comprehensive range of services for sale and purchase transactions in Kazakhstan and abroad, including the following:
  • Pre-investment tax research;
  • Development of the structure for the acquisition or sale of assets;
  • Tax modeling;
  • Assistance to the seller of the business (assets);
  • Integration of assets after the conclusion of the transaction.
Corporate tax
Our corporate tax services include the following:
  • Advise on tax aspects of corporate structuring (including reorganization) for M&A and other transactions.
  • Analysis of the taxation regime for financial instruments and structured products.
  • Analysis of contractual and other documentation on transactions for the purposes of identification and assessment tax risks or tax costs.
  • Advise on technical and tactical taxation issues related to carrying out commercial activities in Kazakhstan.
  • Assisting our clients in the development of their internal tax function, as well as in development of their internal tax policies and procedures.
Conducting periodic reviews of the tax accounting methodology applied by our clients for compliance with applicable tax laws and for the purposes of identification tax risks and opportunities to optimize the tax burden.
Indirect taxation
Our indirect tax services include the following:
  • Comprehensive VAT diagnostics and ongoing support.
  • VAT refund and support in tax disputes.
  • Building a tax function in terms of VAT and excise taxes.
Tax and accounting support
Our tax and accounting services include:
  • Preparation of tax returns (for all applicable taxes).
  • Verification of draft tax returns prior to their submission to the tax authorities (for all applicable taxes).
  • Provision of a wide range of tax accounting services.
  • Accounting services; payroll accounting.
  • Preparation of inquiries to the tax authorities and analyzing the responses received.
Tax dispute resolution
Our services in the field of tax dispute resolution include:
  • Assisting our clients at the stage of a tax audit and during pre-trial settlement of tax disputes.
  • Representing the interests of our clients at the stage of judicial appeal against decisions and actions or inaction of tax authorities.
  • Advising our clients on interaction with government agencies on issues related to application of the tax legislation.
Personnel management and taxation of individuals
Our services in this area include:
  • Advisory services on individual taxation and compliance tax legislation.
  • Migration support for your employees in Kazakhstan.
Transfer pricing
Our transfer pricing services include:
  • Development / revision of the transfer pricing policy considering the new rules.
  • Minimization of identified risks (if any).
  • Preparation / adaptation of transfer pricing documentation for the purposes of justification of the chosen pricing method.
  • Consideration of the possibility of concluding a pricing agreement with tax authorities.
  • Financial due diligence;
  • Agreed upon procedures;
  • Development of business plans and business models (balance sheet, financial result, cash flow);
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS / US GAAP, as well as specifically modelled management reporting (one-time service or outsourcing) both at the level of individual companies and at the level of the entire group (consolidation);
  • Development and implementation of an internal control system;
  • Providing consultations in the process of the audit by the Big Four companies;
  • Providing advice on various technical issues, as well as developing accounting policies;
  • Training of personnel on accounting issues.
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