Financial services

  • financial due diligence (buy side & sell side)
  • business review and analysis of the historical and forecast financial performance for the fund/loan raising and M&A purposes
  • financial moduling and assistance for preparation of the financial forecast/budgest
  • advices on the financial debt restructuring
  • preparation of the IFRS financial statements (annual and interim)
  • technical advices on the IFRS implementations
  • training delivery for the accounting personnel on reporting and accounting issues
  • set up of the financial internal control system
  • coordination and control over the external audit process
  • enhancement of the reporting process (IFRS, statutory, management accounts)
  • advices on cash flow and working capital management
  • development of management accounts
  • development of work plan and programs for the internal auditors
  • preparation of the database for the external audit and M&A transactions